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What is Swiftful Thinking?

Swiftful Thinking courses are purposefully structured to make learning as easy as possible. The videos are progressive and the material accumulates as you go. Therefore, if you watch each series in order, you will compound your knowledge immediately. It is the fastest way to become an iOS developer.

Today, we are more than a YouTube channel. We are a community! Join our Discord to meet other iOS engineers, ask questions, or share your code. We have members of all skill-levels, including developers who have started their coding journey with us and are now employed and building their own apps!



What is Swift?

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple in 2014, known for its clean syntax and emphasis on safety and performance. It's widely used for iOS and macOS app development, with a growing presence in server-side development and cross-platform mobile apps.

Swift's key strengths lie in its readability, safety features like optionals, and efficient memory management through Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). This versatility extends its applicability beyond Apple's ecosystem, making it a popular choice in various domains, including machine learning and data science.


What is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is Apple's newest user interface framework for creating interactive and visually appealing app interfaces on various Apple devices. It simplifies development by letting developers describe the interface's appearance and behavior in an intuitive way, handling the technical details automatically. This streamlines development and allows for consistent user experiences across different Apple platforms.

When compared to UIKit, SwiftUI is easier to learn, faster to implement, and absolutely the future of iOS development!


Where should I start?

We have FREE courses for every skill-level! You can see all courses listed here, otherwise, we recommend:

- If you've never written a line of code: Swift Basics

- If you know Swift but don't know any SwiftUI: The SwiftUI Bootcamp

- If you already know some SwiftUI: Continued Learning

- If you're already good at SwiftUI: Advanced Learning


What's the difference between a Bootcamp and an App course?

You'll find two types of courses on this channel: Bootcamps and Apps. In Bootcamp courses, each video will introduce a new topic and deep dive into real-world use cases. In App courses, we will build an app! 

Despite being different types of courses, these are also strategically made to be watched in order. We will first learn topics in a Bootcamp series and then follow it with an App series, where we implement everything that we've learned.




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