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Testing Swift: Unlocked in 4 hours

Testing Swift code is essential to ensure software reliability and quality. It helps identify and resolve issues early, guarantees correct functionality in various scenarios, and simplifies future maintenance and updates, resulting in a more efficient development process and a better user experience.

UI testing focuses on verifying the user interface and its interactions in a running application, ensuring that the app functions correctly from a user's perspective. Unit testing, on the other hand, examines small, isolated pieces of code in isolation, typically at the function or class level, to verify their individual correctness and behavior.


How this course works 

This course is split into two videos: Unit Testing and UI Testing. These videos have been selected from SwiftUI Advanced Learning Bootcamp. We highly recommend watching the full course, which you can view here.


Let's jump in... 



Half way done! In the next video, we'll look at UI Testing. This is exactly what it sounds like - testing your User Interface to make sure the screens look good and the user doesn't get stuck. In general, Unit Testing (what we already covered) is more important and more common than UI Testing. However, as an iOS developer, you should probably know both anyway.




You did it! Now you know how to test your Swift code! 


As a reminder, this was the abbreviated version of the course. If you're serious about SwiftUI, we highly recommend watching the full course here.


I hope this FREE course was worth your time and helped you on your journey to becoming an expert iOS developer! If you enjoyed it, please don't forget to follow us on YouTube!



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