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SwiftUI Accessibility 3 Hour Bootcamp

Accessibility in Swift and iOS involves designing and implementing features and practices to make iOS apps inclusive and usable for individuals with disabilities. This includes features like VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, accessibility labels, and APIs, ensuring that users with disabilities can effectively interact with apps, adjust settings for their needs, and receive information through assistive technologies. Developers should prioritize accessibility testing and compliance to provide an inclusive experience for all users.



How this course works 

This is a 3 video series that covers the core components used for making your SwiftUI app accessible. These videos are a part of a larger course, SwiftUI Continued Learning Bootcamp, which you can view here.



We will begin the course looking at making text on the screen dynamic and resizable. We need to ensure that all users can read the content in your app. 





Next, we'll adjust the colors in our app to make sure that our app can be easily seen by all users. This will include monitoring color transparencies and contrast ratios. 





Lastly, we'll add VoiceOver support to our app. This will help users with visual impairments interact with your app!





Accessibility in SwiftUI... complete! 


As a reminder, this was the abbreviated version of a larger course. If you're serious about SwiftUI, we highly recommend watching the full course here.


I hope this FREE course was worth your time and helped you on your journey to becoming an expert iOS developer! If you enjoyed it, please don't forget to follow us on YouTube!



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