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Swift CloudKit Bootcamp in 3 hours

CloudKit is Apple's cloud service for app development, offering data storage, authentication, and syncing across Apple devices. It simplifies backend tasks, providing a seamless user experience across iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms.

CloudKit is not a requirement for iOS developers, although it is a great technology to learn. Apps that use CloudKit get access to a free backend database and can leverage Apple's ecosystem in unique ways. There are many alternatives to CloudKit, such as Firebase, which is more common. If you'd like to learn Firebase, you can view the full course here



How this course works 

Below is a selection of videos that represent the core fundamentals to Apple's CloudKit framework. These videos have been selected from SwiftUI Advanced Learning Bootcamp. We highly recommend watching the full course, which you can view here.


Let's jump in...



Now that we're set up, let's look at the basic CRUD functions - creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.





Next let's look at how we handle images in CloudKit, which requires slightly different syntax.





Sweet! Next we're going to look at Push Notifications. This is arguably the biggest feature of using CloudKit in your application - you can easily configure remote push notifications that work in real-time!




Great job! Let's quickly wrap up by taking our code and refactoring it to make it a little more reusable. We aren't technically learning anything new that we haven't already covered, but we are making the code easier to use for your next project!




That's it... you did it! Now you know CloudKit! 


As a reminder, this was the abbreviated version of the course. If you're serious about SwiftUI, we highly recommend watching the full course here.


I hope this FREE course was worth your time and helped you on your journey to becoming an expert iOS developer! If you enjoyed it, please don't forget to follow us on YouTube!



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